Who is Jessica?

Hello beautiful! My name is Jessica Lahr and makeup has been a passion of mine since my Mother let me apply mascara at 11 years old. Since completing cosmetology school in 2003, I've had incredible opportunities which have strengthened my passion and experience with makeup and the beauty industry. After giving birth to two precious little boys, I struggled to remember what my dreams and aspirations were. Thankfully a journey of health and wellness led me to lose 70 lbs. and start believing in my dreams again. It was then I decided to pursue the commercial, fashion, and beauty industry. 

Never could I have imagined where life would take me, professional modeling both nationwide and internationally starring in commercials, print ads, infomercials, hosting my own local TV show, and many fabulous fashion events. I've had the honor of gracing magazine covers while sharing my journey in hopes to encourage women who could relate to my story. Spreading a message to believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams will always be my mission! I also competed in my very first pageant with amazing women from across our great state and I was honored to have been crowned Mrs. New York America 2015! I represented our beautiful state with pride at the national Mrs. America Pageant and was humbled to win and take home the Mrs. Congeniality award. Where does makeup come in, you ask?

Well, I've never lost that passion I had as little girl and the incredible industries I've been honored to work in have given me prime experience to continue perfecting my craft while helping women feel beautiful!


I look forward to helping you put your best face forward!

Why Jessica?

I've worked in the beauty industry for many years and have been on both sides of the makeup brush! I can relate to what it's like being in your chair, not knowing if you're going to look like yourself, a clown, or if when all was said and done you wished you'd done it yourself. I'm confident you will walk out of my chair feeling beautiful and flawless. I'm happy to share my tips and tricks to take with you in hopes of leaving a lasting impression on you and your beauty routine!